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5 Benefits of Working with
a Managed Services Provider

A managed services provider or MSP is a third party that handles a company’s IT systems remotely. They implement solutions to strengthen their clients’ security posture, protect against cyberattacks, enable around-the-clock network monitoring,  reduce downtime, and accelerate disaster recovery.

MSPs handle routine management operations and, depending on the scope of contracted services, may manage a portion or all of an organizations IT operations. An MSP’s responsibilities run the gamut and may include managing data storage and security, firewall administration, and cloud monitoring. They help reduce a company’s ongoing administrative burden, as well as the cost of monitoring, maintaining, and supporting its IT infrastructure, whether on-premises, in the cloud or a mix of both. 

A managed IT service provider functions as an extension of your team, allowing you to focus on core operations and responsibilities within your organization. 

When compared to maintaining the extensive resources it takes to manage 100% of your IT efforts in-house, working with an expert MSP can be a more cost-effective and efficient approach to IT management for a number of reasons, including:
1. Greater Security Control

Different MSPs offer different services to help you keep your systems secure. For instance, some MSPs monitor your systems and networks 24×7 using advanced security techniques—such as endpoint protection, application vulnerability monitoring, firewall management, and predictive analytics—to detect and prevent threats. Others use security tools such as security information and event management (SIEM) to deliver alerts in real-time, enabling your organization to detect cyberattacks that may include various forms of malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

MSPs may also consolidate the security data your logs and monitoring tools collect across multiple locations an unify and analyze the collected data to identify trends and unusual patterns. For instance, Forsyte’s latest offering, Guardian 365 managed security services, provides customized security and compliance reports on user risk and malicious behavior, displayed as easy-to-understand dashboards and charts. Your IT team can access all security data 24×7 simply by logging into your custom Guardian 365 dashboard. 

2. Emergency Incident Response and Recovery

An experienced MSP specializing in security can respond to emergency incidents quickly. Using the latest response technologies and threat intelligence tools, your MSP can help you resolve complex cyber incidents at scale, get to the root cause quickly, and identify adversary access points to avoid future intrusions.

With an expert security managed services provider, you can secure your IT investments, comply with security regulations and standards, keep cyber insurance costs down, stay aligned with security best practices, and ensure your cloud environment is securely configured.

3. Cost Savings

Outsourcing a portion or all of your IT operations allows you to leverage expert skills on a scalable basis, saving you thousands of dollars in hiring, onboarding, training, and managing full-time employees. 

Some other ways an expert MSP enables you to save money include:

  • Reducing data breach-related expenses with advanced security controls
  • Consistent, predictable monthly expenses based on your service level agreement (SLA)
  • Reducing the risk of costly downtime, keeping your users happy and productive
  • Freeing up your employees to focus on business-critical tasks
4. Less IT Burden

Managing security is a full-time job. Managing security in-house creates an added burden on your infrastructure and resources typically dedicated to core business operations. 

An expert security MSP helps reduce IT burden through:

  • Shared security responsibility: Security, along with its never-ending challenges, is no longer just your responsibility. You have cybersecurity experts working 24×7 to protect your people, data, and infrastructure.
  • End-to-end security management: Detecting threats is just the first step—with an expert MSP security team, you have an outsourced team responding in near real-time to combat threats and strengthen your cyber defenses.
  • Access to advanced technologies: Expert MSPs employ the latest tools for automated detection and response, such as automated vulnerability scans.
  • Data unification from various sources: Employing dozens of standalone security solutions may help you get all the data you need, but that also means hundreds, even thousands, of alerts to sort through. An expert MSP functions as an extension of your team, analyzing security notifications to ensure you get the most value out from your technology investments.
5. Expertise and Full-time Focus

According to the World Economic Forum, there is a global shortage of 3 million cybersecurity professionals worldwide. This means finding and hiring in-house security experts could be a big challenge. An expert security managed services provider removes this need. The right MSP is worth its weight in gold – you get a dedicated team of security professionals with extensive experience and expertise on your side, working to keep your organization operational and secure around the clock. 

Unlike a 100% in-house tech team that has to manage several different tasks at a time, a security-focused MSP is tasked entirely with managing and maintaining the security of your systems.

Let Forsyte Manage Your IT

Forsyte I.T. Solutions is a leader in IT managed services. With over 30 years of providing expert IT managed services combined, our competent and experienced team can help you protect your organization from cyberattacks, manage your cloud and on-premises infrastructure, enhance your digital transformation and Microsoft 365 workloads, and keep your organization running as it should.

To learn more about how we can work with you to better secure your organization, get in touch with a Forsyte expert today.

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