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Microsoft 365 Defender: Safeguarding Your Organization Day In and Day Out

Organizations rely on people, processes, and technology to secure and protect their data, assets, and valued employees. To stay ahead of the game, it’s crucial they adopt reliable and battle-tested security solutions, optimally configured to detect and protect against any malicious activities. 

What Is Microsoft 365 Defender?

Microsoft 365 Defender is an integrated security platform that delivers cross-domain threat protection against malware and attacks. It uses automation and artificial intelligence to stop attacks before they happen by detecting and automating threat resolution across domains, including apps, endpoints, user identities, and data. Leveraging the Microsoft 365 security portfolio, it then builds a complete picture of each attack in a single dashboard.

Microsoft 365 Defender comes with powerful detection, prevention, and response features that provide coordinated automatic defense across all service domains to block threats before they become attacks. 

Defender for Office 365

Formerly known as Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (O365 ATP), Defender for Office 365 is designed to protect Office 365 users. It monitors signals from each individual user in real-time, checking for indicators of compromise, such as malware and virus signatures, unusual activity, and suspicious logins. Defender for Office 365 protects your organization against advanced cyberattacks by integrating advanced threat protection, threat hunting, and forensic capabilities.

Defender for Endpoint

An endpoint is any device, user, server, or application that accesses your network. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint safeguards your network against malicious threats using four methods: prevent, detect, investigate, and respond. It offers a wide range of solutions in one platform, including vulnerability management, endpoint detection and response, endpoint protection, and mobile threat defense.

Defender for Identity

Defender for Identity protects the Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) system, an on-premises solution developed by Microsoft to facilitate single sign-on (SSO). Designed to detect on-prem attacks against ADFS configurations, Defender for Identity enables visibility into authentication events. Since it provides only relevant alerts using smart analytics, your security team can focus on what really matters.

Defender for Cloud Apps

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps is a cloud access security broker (CASB), a type of security software that functions as an intermediary between devices, users, and cloud applications. It monitors activity, collects logs, and enforces security policies, such as blocking connections made to unauthorized cloud services. Defender 365 for Cloud Apps can manage connections in a multi-cloud environment.

Microsoft 365 Defender provides comprehensive security protections for all types of organizations. If you already have an A5 license, you can access Microsoft 365 Defender features via the Microsoft 365 Defender portal without any additional cost. 

Fortifying Your Organization’s Security with Forsyte IT

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