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Cybersecurity management is getting tougher and it's more important than ever to have a trusted partner by your side. Gartner reports that by 2026, organizations that prioritize security investments based on a continuous threat exposure management program will realize a two-thirds reduction in breaches.* 

Regardless of your size or budget, Guardian 365 makes it easy to have expert cybersecurity services.


NEW Gartner® Report

Forsyte has invested in Gartner, which delivers actionable, objective insight to executives and their teams, to provide helpful resources that guide organizations toward informed choices and successful outcomes.

Read the latest complimentary report: 

Topic: How to Respond to the Threat Landscape in a Volatile, Complex & Ambiguous World


CIO Roundtable Webinar

Cybersecurity Operations for EDU can be challenging. Watch this on-demand cybersecurity webinar to hear IT leaders from Spelman College and Spring Grove Area School District share their most valuable tips.

Watch the on-demand webinar:

Topic: Education IT Leaders Talk Cybersecurity, Guardian 365 & Preparing for the Future

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We make security easy

We Make it Easy to Take Your Security To The Next Level.

Guardian 365 is the extended on-demand security solution you need to proactively fight attacks with expert human resources and award-winning security technology. Cybersecurity intelligence and expertise come together with Guardian 365 to keep organizations safe around-the-clock.


Microsoft MXDR Verified Managed Security Services

Forsyte Guardian 365 is a member of MISA and is recognized as MXDR Verified. This means Microsoft security engineers have audited Guardian 365 giving their stamp of approval. 

This designation acknowledges that Guardian 365 meets the highest industry standards of round-the-clock security including proactive threat hunting, investigation, response, and prevention services.


Forsyte Guardian 365 Services

In cybersecurity, nothing is 100% safe. With Guardian 365 you can easily get the help you need to build a resilient organization for when, NOT IF, an incident happens.

Extended Detection & Response

24x7x365 protection. Combining AI capabilities and human monitoring delivers the best defense in an ever-changing environment.

Security Audits & Assessments

Understand the state of your security. Defend against the impacts of cybercrime by ensuring compliance with rigorous security benchmarks.

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning

Comprehensive penetration testing focuses on three key areas to identify configuration issues and vulnerabilities before devising a coverage plan.

Managed Endpoint Security

Safeguard the devices that connect to your network, such as laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and servers.

Managed Threat Hunting

Managed threat hunting provides a proactive approach to cybersecurity that relentlessly searches for hidden dangers.

Managed Incident Response & Remediation

Proactive incident response through a combination of automated actions and hands-on remediation procedures.

robust security for all industries

We Protect organizations across industries, regardless of size.

Guardian 365 ensures robust security for organizations of all sizes and diverse industries. Whether you're a small startup, a mid-sized enterprise, or a large corporation, we make it easy to secure Guardian 365 managed security.

Guardian 365 is customized for every client, ensuring the unique needs of Higher Education, K12 Education, Government, Commercial, and other sectors are met, no matter how stringent they are. 

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Human-powered + AI Support to Stay Vigilant and Secure.

If you’re like most, your IT department is operating on all cylinders 100% of the time, and you could use some support! We make that easy to achieve.

Leverage Guardian 365 for extended protection, detection, remediation, and recovery to stay online with certainty. The safety of your organization is our priority.

Guardian 365 Clients Win the Cybersecurity Battle

Our commitment to security excellence is reflected in the strong partnerships we’ve forged with industry leaders. These logos represent not only successful collaborations but also the trust our clients place in our services.

* Header Reference: Gartner, “Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2024: Continuous Threat Exposure Management,” Jeremy D’Hoinne, Pete Shoard, 16 October 2023

Easily Enhance your security with Guardian 365

Alert Fatigue is Real.

As your trusted managed security service provider, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your organization’s digital assets. Alert fatigue is a common challenge faced by many businesses, and we’re here to alleviate that burden.

With our vigilant eyes and strategic expertise, we’re committed to saving you from alert fatigue and ensuring a resilient defense against cyber threats. 

Guardian 365® Security Blog

Stay informed about the latest cybersecurity trends, threat intelligence, and best practices. Our security blog covers topics such as zero trust, identity and access management, information protection, and security management. Explore expert insights and practical advice to safeguard your digital assets.

Schedule a Pen Test

The Guardian 365 Pen Test assesses your systems by simulating cyberattacks on internal resources, external resources, and web apps.

See identify configuration issues and vulnerabilities that external and internal attackers could use to exploit your systems. Sign up for a Guardian 365 Pen Test to enhance your security today!

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You’re in the right place! Complete the form to hear the latest Guardian 365 security discussion featuring IT leaders from Spelman College and Spring Grove Area School District. You won’t want to miss this!

Guardian 365: Education Leaders Talk Security

Cybersecurity Insurance Audit

Let us help you save money on your Cybersecurity Insurance by providing an audit of your current environment, and provide recommendations on how to reduce the cost of your insurance policy,

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At Forsyte Guardian 365, we believe in transparency and hands-on experiences. Complete the form to request your personalized demo. Remember, security is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. Let’s empower your team with Guardian 365! 

Request a Demo

At Forsyte Guardian 365, we believe in transparency and hands-on experiences. Complete the form to request your personalized demo. Remember, security is not a luxury. It's a necessity. Let's empower your team with Guardian 365! 

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If you are experiencing a security breach or have detected suspicious activity, get help now.

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Expert Recovery Services for Security Breaches

If you are experiencing a security breach or have detected suspicious activity, get help now.

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