Secure, Seamless Migrations and Consolidations

Migrations are complicated. Partner with Forsyte to take the guesswork out of your migrations and accelerate your adoption with seamless strategy and implementation you can trust.

Office 365


Migrating to Office 365 from Google, or between O365 Tenants due to an acquisition, merger, or URL change involves careful planning and support.



Migrating to Teams from Skype for Business or other platform involves moving teams, channels, conversations, files, and permissions. 



Migratate to OneDrive with mass migrations, scheduling, real-time logging, from almost anywhere to support users and data.



Migrate to SharePoint or SharePoint Online and take the content in your current file share or SharePoint to a new or existing environment.

Active Directory


Migrate Active Directory objects within the same domain forest or migrate to a different/new forest to restructure your AD environment.

Mergers &


Migrate to consolidate messaging, documents, and servers due to an acquisition or merger.

Seamlessly Migrate with Forsyte's 3-Phase Approach

Phase 1

Pre-Migration Planning & Assessment Services

Minimize the risks and pitfalls of your complex migration and plan with us. Forsyte will carefully assess, review, and plan your migration, identifying key assets, users, content, files, and applications to be migrated.

Our expert team will use this time and assessment to identify potential risks, eliminating surprise during the migration. You will also receive a communication plan, making it easier to communicate your migration plans to your users. 

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Phase 2

White Glove Migration Experience

Forsyte migrations are led by an expert team consisting of a project manager, communication manager, technology experts, and team of engineers. 

Phase 3

Post-Migration Care & Management

Experience 360-degree support around functionality and capabilities post-migration. 

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Case Study: XL Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration

In the summer of 2019, Forsyte was approached by an internal IT team at a large community college on the East Coast. This institution, which served over 74,000 students annually through six physical campuses as well as online learning options, faced a big challenge: faculty and students were split between two Office 365 tenants, limiting the ability for the two groups to work collaboratively and take advantage of new solutions from Microsoft.

No matter the industry, size, or scope of your organization, we empower people to work where they want, how they want, and collaborate with others in an environment that is easy to use and backed by a file storage and sharing architecture that will carry them into the future. 

Maximize opportunity with rapid migrations, while minimizing cost, risk, down time, and complexities commonly associated with migrations and consolidations.


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