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Staying on top of the always-changing security landscape presents a major challenge for organizations and cybersecurity will continue to have the greatest impact on industries into the future. Fortunately, the power and scale of the public cloud has unlocked powerful new capabilities to stay ahead of the changing threat landscape and Forsyte leverages this power with innovative solutions for your organization. As cloud-based security technologies continue to evolve, Forsyte has created a Quickstart offer to deploy advanced solutions tailored to your environment for added layers of protection. Forsyte has a long history of providing foundations for success and offers the security quickstart programs to ease your ongoing security concerns. Security is everyone's business. Support your environment with the help of Forsyte and Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), with advanced AI and security analytics to detect, hunt, prevent, and respond to threats across your enterprise. Power and scale your infrastructure with advanced cloud security. Secure your comprehensive infrastructure of on-premise, in-the-cloud, and hybrid cloud with innovative technologies that evolve to meet your ever-changing threat landscape. Combine the power of Forsyte, Azure Security Center, & Azure Sentinel to meet your hybrid cloud objectives.

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Our security consultants offer comprehensive skills to assess your currrent environment and can help design a secure network framework that takes your business objectives into account. Cloud security is a broad set of policies, technologies, applications, and controls used to protect virtualized IP, data, applications, services, and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing. It’s the protection of data, applications, and infrastructures involved in cloud computing. High-level security concerns such as data leaks and exposure, weak access controls, attack vulnerabilities, and access rules affect your organization’s work in the cloud. With Foryste’s security offerings we will tailor your needs for zero trust technology. Get cloud security that is backed by our team of security experts and proactive compliance trusted by clients across industries and locations.


Ensure a well-managed cloud environment with Cloud Governance. Create effective standards and policies to enforce governance guardrails and contain costs. Assess your Azure Governance and dive into the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) with us. Receive tools, guidance and narratives to help drive successful technology, business & employee outcomes during your cloud adoption efforts. Forsyte’s 5 Disciplines of Cloud Governance: • Cost Management: Evaluate and monitor costs, limit IT spend, scale and control costs as you move workloads into the cloud • Security Baseline: Maintain compliance with IT security constraints by applying a security baseline to all cloud adoptions • Resource Consistency: Ensure consistently configured resources and practices for onboarding, recovery, and discoverability • Identity Baseline: Ensure an enforced baseline identity and access baseline by consistency applying role definitions and assignments • Deployment Acceleration: Accelerate deployments with centralized, consistent and standardized deployment templates


Microsoft Azure Sentinel SIEM is a cloud-based service, that provides SIEM with a significantly reduced footprint and reduces your organizations time, efforts, and cost in deployment. Foryste can help your organization get your Azure Sentinel instance up and running quickly. We know all typical SIEM deployment challenges and our experts in Azure Sentinel have done many successful installations for various size customers. As part of our Azure Sentinel SIEM deployment, Forsyte will: • Perform an assessment of existing infrastructure to understand the customer SIEM needs • Provide an initial SIEM infrastructure design matching customer environment • Educate customer on projected Azure consumption for the final SIEM solution • Build and configure Azure Sentinel cloud instance in customer Azure tenant • Review log types and devices, both on-premises and in Cloud and educate customer on relevant log sources to be included in SIEM analytics • Create a set of Sentinel alert rules and playbooks matching the customer needs and remediation capabilities • Assist customer with the on-premises log sources on-boarding activities • Complete initial tuning of alert rules

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