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Data is your most important company asset and security starts with great user authentication and optimized security insights, as user credentials are constantly at risk of a breach. Provision and deprovision user accounts, share accounts, contact information (GAL), and calendars between entities; and to provide easier access to data, resources, and applications between entities.  This will lead to easier management of the various systems and ultimately a better end user experience. Understand and integrate an identity plane for Azure management and application access through proper role-based access controls.


As organizations move their identity systems to the cloud, you need applications that you use and develop to integrate with your enterprise identity system. Guard your information and systems, establish controls to detect security events & gain overall visibility of all transactions and traffic.


Safeguard user credentials using a Zero Trust approach. Zero Trust is a security model where the organization always verifies first before they trust a user or device. It requires visibility into the users and devices, a policy engine, and access management. Strong authentication (MFA) and intelligent conditional access policies in Azure AD, combined with endpoint management and security in M365 E3/E5, can give you everything you need to implement a Zero Trust approach.


TACKLE YOUR SECURITY CHALLENGES Security breaches come in many forms—phishing, malware, ransomware, social engineering, and data theft to name a few. Today’s biggest heists may not look like the movies, but rest assured they are destructive. There’s more at stake than ever before: business disruption, data loss, intellectual property damage, and financial gain. You need to understand the vulnerabilities across your company’s identity, apps and data, devices, and infrastructure to protect against threats and recover quickly.
PREVENT As the adage goes, the best offense is a good defense. Employee training is the first step toward preventing security breaches. Forsyte utilizes tools like Microsoft Attack Simulator for O365 to determine how end users behave in the event of an attack. Forsyte also helps clients create defensive barriers using solutions like Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) coupled with solutions like Phish Finder to prevent users from falling prey to seemingly legitimate but fake phishing emails and domain spoofing. In addition to protecting your front door, it is equally important to secure your organization from the inside out. This includes protecting users’ identities, ensuring that security privileges are properly controlled, and protecting your sensitive data, no matter where it lives or travels. With solutions like Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Identity Manager, Privilege Account Management, and Azure Information Protection, Forsyte will help you build, deploy, and fortify your internal defenses.
DETECT & REMEDIATE Unfortunately, even well protected organizations will fall victim to a security breach. Every incident consumes time, resources, and money to effectively address and remediate. From incident response, recovery, and communication to losses in productivity, trust, and revenue, the key is to mitigate the impact through quick detection and remediation. By deploying a threat detection solution that detects attacks that have made it past other defenses, provides key information about attacker tactics, and recommends a response, you will be able to respond faster and prevent a lateral spread. Forsyte helps organizations leverage the power of Phish Hunter to detect user accounts that have been compromised. Once a known attack has occurred, automation can be used to quickly remediate the threat and to mitigate the long-term impact.

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At Forsyte, our team is focused on providing a holistic white-glove service to your organization that begins the first day you engage with us and lasts your entire customer journey. Experience unparalleled support from the team of dedicated & innovative technology experts."

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