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Google user? Connect your GCal to Teams for an exceptional collaboration experience with the people you work with every day.

Connect your Google Calendar to Teams & Sync in Seconds

Organizations using the Google platform are often unsatisfied with the collaboration experience and options provided within Google and would like to use Teams for collaboration. CalendarConnect provides the functionality to fully collaborate in Teams while still on Google, without the need of the usual Microsoft mailbox to make it work.

Enhance your collaboration experience with us.

• Synch any existing Google calendar

• G-Cal colors are reflected in the Teams calendar app

• Get support for both administrators and users of the product

• Brand your app with your organization's colors and logo

• Connect your personal G-Calendar

Why you need CalendarConnect?

Does your organization primarily operate in G-Suite, but are finding the need to access and set meetings in Teams? For many, the lack of calendar access and ability to schedule or join Teams meetings is a problem. Since meetings require a Microsoft mailbox, those without one are simply not able to fully collaborate in the Teams platform. 

How does it work?

CalendarConnect makes it possible to sync your Google calendar into the Teams application to show events, meetings, and dates simultaneously in both platforms. It works both ways! Create an event in Google and it shows up in Teams. Happen to be working in Teams and want to set a meeting to show up in your G-Calendar? No problem – set the meeting in Teams and it will show up on you Google Calendar. It’s auto-magic! Finally work on your terms, without limits.

Get the Benefits:

• Bi-directional calendar synching

• Share calendars across Google & Teams

• Security-first calendar synching

Calendar Work School

CalendarConnect supports Google calendaring in Teams, so you never have to worry about missing a meeting or event. Work in the platform of your choice. 

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Better Collaboration

CalendarConnect provides a richer collaboration experience between Google and Teams users.


Simple to Install

Your solution to connect your Google and Teams calendar so nothing falls through the cracks.


Improved Experience

Collaborate on your terms with your team located far and wide.

Now available on the Azure Marketplace.

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